Hello there! Thank you for stopping by and taking the time to find out a little bit more about me. My name is Stephen Holding, and I'm a senior-level Graphic Designer, Illustrator, and Fine Artist based in Brooklyn NYC.
I have twenty years of experience designing artwork for some of the world's most recognizable  brands; my journey as a creative professional has encompassed numerous important projects,  including being recruited and relocated to Hong Kong by Nike Asia Pacific Apparel, painting live murals for IBM throughout the U.S., and my most recent assignment as Senior Graphic Designer at the NFL here in NYC. Each assignment has afforded me the opportunity to leverage my skills as I dealt with the unique challenges of the given project.
Over the course of my career I’ve developed a wide array of new approaches and  problem-solving techniques that I bring to every project and every team I collaborate with.
If your team is looking for an expert designer with a diverse skill set, a true passion for creativity, and senior-level experience please reach out to me via the links below. Until then I hope that you have a healthy and prosperous 2022 and here’s to the next twenty years!

Take care everyone,
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