I was pleased to continue my working relationship with NBA apparel brand UNK by creating a series of four hand-painted basketballs for their booth at ComplexCon 2016 this past November in Long Beach California. From the Complexion website:
"ComplexCon is an expertly curated convention and festival that brings the world of Complex to life. This is our generation's World Fair. The minds behind Complex have come together with a Host Committee that includes legendary artist Takashi Murakami, award-winning producer Skrillex and our Cultural Director/Executive Chair Pharrell Williams to imagine a place where creators, curators and YOU converge to celebrate and shape our culture. Watch, Listen, Shop, Taste, and Experience the future...now!"
UNK's offerings at ComplexCon included limited edition jackets, jerseys and tees that were only available through this unique event, including a custom tee from Ron English. It was a fantastic event and UNK has been asked to return for a second run for a 2017 so looking to do it even bigger and better next year!
The event was a huge success, with an enthusiastic reaction to the new product and a special appearance from recording artist French Montana who came by and copped a jacket. Event pics courtesy of UNK's Instagram feed.


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