As the "Team of Steves" universe continues to evolve, I do my absolute best to ensure that the visual style reflects the increased intensity, complexity and energy of the story. Author, friend and SNL Weekend Update Producer Scott Weinstein continues to amaze with his latest entry in the "Team of Steves" trilogy, "Book II : Dimensions" continues to follow Steve Buchmann and his team of inter-dimensional alter egos as they weave in and out of the fabric of time and space in search of...well you'll just have to pick up a copy and find out!
"Team of Steves" books I and II continue to garner critical acclaim and the characters, story and sense of humor make both books a great read for all ages. You can find both, in paperback and Kindle editions at, so head on over and join the team! You'll be glad you did.

Scott is currently writing the third book in the series, which I will also be illustrating. Stay tuned for more info on that in the near future!!


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